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Architects and building permissions in Bulgaria

Planning permissions and permits for most of the building works in Bulgaria is essential. Renovating a property and then finding out that the local permits do not allow you to make alterations will be disastrous.

We can provide an architectural service using experienced Bulgarian architects. We can also obtain planning permissions and help you undertake building and renovation projects.

For all major exterior reforms, renovation, extensions or complete refurbishment we provide a professional assistance, including drawings of plans and design of the project and taking care of all legal paper work, application forms and submission for Building License and Permission.

Obtain full architecture building and interior plans – for new buildings and property renovations and extensions.

Apply and obtain the designing visa from the chief architect of the municipality.

Sign preliminary contracts with the water authorities to connect to the water supply networks and obtain this connection. Sign contract with water provider and receive connection.

Obtain approval from the electricity provider. Sign contract with Electricity Company and receive connection.

Obtain preliminary survey from Telecom provider. Sign contract with telephone provider and receive connection

Apply for the approval for the investment design with the Chief Architect of the Municipality.

Request the chief architect of the municipality to issue the permission for construction.

Sign a contract with a surveillance company.

Map/sketch the building on the cadastre.

The construction surveillance files a report on the completed construction.

The municipality issues the approval of the building.

All other permissions and legal documentation that are required for buildings.

For more information and arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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