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For your property safety, Bulgarian Home Care recommends a Security System to be installed in your home. This type of property safety is serviced from specialized Security Companies or from the local Police Station.

With signing a security contract, your property will be equipped with several infrared sensors /for each room/ covering all windows and doors, central operating keyboard /inside, near the front door, for on/off the alarm system/ and transmitting set.

The sensors read all inside movements and are connected with the transmitter which communicates with the Monitoring Center of the servicing company. The Monitoring Center carries out 24 hours duty. The operators observe and register the received signal from your property, inform and direct the patrol cars to your house/villa/apartment. The patrol cars are on duty also 24 hours, using radio station connected with the Monitoring Center. Once your home security system sends an alarm signal, the patrol car shall be in front of your property in around 5 minutes to check up.

The security company is obliged to contact the owner and inform him about the signal. In case you are not in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Home Care will represent you before the Security Company and will receive the phone calls if there is an alarm signal in your property and will be your key holder. We shall visit your property immediately for inside check up and will send you detailed report after that.

For more information and arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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