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Swimming pool building in Bulgaria

Swimming pool in the back yard is no longer privilege only to the luxuries homes with spacious back yards and expensive furnishing. Building of a pool in your garden is approachable and easy provide when appropriate condition are available.

Swimming pool constructing in your Bulgarian property is bound up with several hydrographic and geological engineering tests to which the pool constructive project need to be consistent. The design need to be subordinate to the yard functions and use and with the local climate and relief special feature. A small hilly yard can assume several sq. m. pools, but a plain plot can have a spacious swimming pool with bigger size. If the area is waterless, you can forget for swimming but can enjoy and a middle or small size pool. The advantage in having a pool you can feel in the long hot summer days, when the pool will bring you coolness and pleasure time spend with your family.

The pool should not predominate over the yard space and the measurements need to be appropriate to its frequency use. The depth also could not be bigger, as the yard pool is for family amusement and not for Olympic Games. Besides the deep swimming pools are harder for maintaining and are mach more expenses consuming. Optimum pool size for middle capacity plot is 35-45 sq. m. In Bulgaria for pool up to 100 m3 it is not in need to have a building permission from the Local Municipality.

The swimming pool requires a filtration system to be fitted and a special shaft to be built for the equipment. Before any building work starts you need to decide if there will be a children section fitted, step-ladder for in and out, pool lights, tiled paths around, if there will be a chaise-longues and sunshade area, what kind of plants and grass will be round and finally but not on the last place – carefully to consider what kind of free space will be left in the yard, so it to remain spacious and comfortable.

We at Bulgarian Home Care Ltd will be happy to assist you in finding the right pool size and design for your Bulgarian Property. We are working in team with quality pool builders and geodesic surveyors who can build up your desired swimming pool in your back yard.

For more information and arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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