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Management and Maintenance - Property winterization

During the winter months, when you are not present in your property and the water in your house/villa or apartment is not in use regularly, the cold weather will cause problems with the plumbing system. If the winter is frosty and temperatures very low the plumbing system will freeze and crack. This will lead to further expenses for major repairs of these damages.

Bulgarian Home Care offers you services which will prevent most of the unpleasantness winter can cause:

  Turn off the water supply in your home at the beginning of the cold season

  Empty the water heaters and drain the pipes to prevent freezing and cracking

  Wadding and insulating the water meter /which is usually outside in a shaft/ to avoid bursting

  Empty and prepare your hydroelectric pump system /if you have such/ ready to stand the winter months

  Swimming pool equipment - put away for the winter

  Switch the water back on and re-fill the water heating system at the beginning of the summer season

The range of winterizing services is defined by the property type and condition.

For more information and arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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